Sword of Hellfire is one of Agni's unique transcendental skills. It summons a special weapon from the fires of Hell. If Agni is in Hell when he summons it, then he has no need for a medium, but if he summons it from anywhere else, he needs a powerful medium; if the medium is weak, it is destroyed during summoning. A satisfactory medium would be a god-level item that cannot be destroyed (see Note below), but if Agni uses any god-level item other than the Staff of Agni then there could be a problem; he knows there will be a penalty if he uses them.

The sword is suitable for combat, but it is normally used to remember fire-attribute transcendental skills. If Agni is in possession of the sword and survives an attack by such a transcendental, then he can learn that skill; however, he is unable to learn it if he dies in a single strike. The learned skill can only be used when the sword has been summoned.

It can be considered a cheat weapon, considering the fact that it allows Agni to learn even unique fire-aligned transcendental skills.

So far we know of three skills Agni learned via Sword of Hellfire:

Agni's versions of these transcendentals are somewhat less effective than the originals, and the reason is likely because of the lack of the second required attribute in all three skills, and not having a sura form in the case of the latter two.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


  • Agni's penalty for using another god's item is revealed in Episode 3-31.[2]
  • It is speculated that the reason he has to use a god-level item—and is unable to summon his weapon directly—is because it was created by Brahma and not by himself.[3]


During Agni's first confrontation with Gandharva in Atera, the latter observes that the god does not have enough power to summon a weapon, likely referring to this transcendental skill.[4]

Agni uses the Staff of Agni as a medium to summon the sword from the lower levels of Hell in order to end Sagara's attack on Atera.[5] Brahma happens to be in Hell looking for the place the sword is kept just after it was summoned.[6]

Agni summons the sword again in Kalibloom as he tries to calm down Gandharva after his rampage on the city. He then uses Extermination, then Fathomless Fire.[7][8]

Agni summons the sword a third time in the story when Yuta vanishes from Aeroplateau, and tries to intimidate Sagara by using Extermination again.[9][10]


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