Taitalika (Hangul: 타이탈리카) is one of several planets in the webtoon's universe. It has been mentioned in the side novel the finite, on Currygom's blog, and in the webtoon, but there is still very little known about it.

Nard Lehn was living on Taitalika when he met Hanuman; the couple eventually left the planet for Willarv.

During the same time period, there was a dragon half (older than Kasak) who lived on Taitalika but died before the time of the current storyline.[1]

Praul Ajes is also from Taitalika but currently lives in the city of Atera on Willarv.[2]

The first King of Taitalika was mentioned in a question on an exam taken by Asha as a student on Planet Carte.[3]


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