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Tan Sairofe
탄 사이로페
1-58 Tan Sairofe portrait
Basic Information
Race Pure-blood human
Gender male
Personal Information
Family Hana Lehn (wife/deceased)

Lutz Sairofe (son)

Ran Sairofe (son)

Huan Sairofe (brother)
First Appearance

Tan Sairofe is a pureblood human and the father of Lutz and Ran Sairofe. He died under unknown circumstances during the Cataclysm, 15 years before the story takes place.


Tan appears to be a middle-aged man with pale skin and short, medium brown hair. He wears a gray-brown jacket and trousers with a matching hat.


Tan seems especially critical towards his son Ran, who he feels is not living up to his potential to become a great magician. He continually compares him to his older brother Lutz, who is studying at Eloth University.[1]



During the D997 Youth Fighter Competition, Tan criticizes his son Ran for participating in childish activities instead of attending the Magic Academy, from which his friends had already graduated, and asks him why he was not more like his brother Lutz.[1]

Season 1Edit

Chapter 9: RivalEdit

(3) Ran recalls a conversation with his mother, who advises him to find someone who lives longer than him to love, because a person with a shorter lifespan will grow distant from him over time. Ran deduces that this very issue has created some friction between his mother and father.

Season 2Edit

Chapter 24: TabooEdit

(1) Ran related to Leez about the time (in the year N0) he froze his parents, and begged the Priest of Resurrection (his aunt) to revive them, only to have his pleas ignored.


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