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Taraka Clan/Chaos Clan
타라카족/혼돈의 종족
2-31 Taraka and Chaos suras
Taraka clan swarming attack

Clan attribute Chaos
Animal characteristics Some are black, formless masses; others have forms that appear human-like; some have wings; stronger ones have red eyes and rows of sharp teeth
King Yuta (true King)
Taraka (figurehead)
Past Kings Kali - possibly the first King; also the clan's creator
Alliances none
Enemies Ananta clan
Asura clan
Gandharva clan
Garuda clan
Kinnara clan
Vritra clan
Yaksha clan
The Taraka clan is one of the eight sura clans, also known as the Clan of Chaos (혼돈의 종족). The true name of this clan is forbidden knowledge.[1]


The sura forms of Taraka clan members show their chaotic nature, including their lack of features other than a mouth with many teeth. Stronger members have red eyes, but the weaker ones often have no eyes at all. Some, including Taraka, apparently have forms vaguely resembling a human's.

The Taraka suras who possess red eyes can nullify magic and transcendental skills, and thus force nastikas to fight in human form. Their blood is black, and this color is apparently unique among all suras.[2]

Taraka suras prefer strong prey in a weakened state. They consider not only the current state of the prey, but its past and future potential as well.[3] If they encounter an enemy they cannot defeat, they retreat.

Taraka is apparently a special kind of sura among the Chaos clan members. Other than nullifying skills, she can also use insight, seal transcendental skills, create new underlings, and regenerate indefinitely even after death, making her impossible to eliminate despite her relative weakness compared to other suras; she is even weaker than Yuta in his 2nd stage. Her transcendental seals only last until she dies and resurrects, so, for example, the seals she placed on Sagara and Gandharva were removed when Kasak killed her.[4][5]

Lower-ranked Chaos suras created by Taraka, even the stronger ones, are still considered weaker than lower-ranked suras from the other clans. They attack like a like a mob, overwhelming their prey. However, they are getting notably stronger as Yuta himself grows and develops to his next stages. Emotional resonance is a factor that can strengthen them much more efficiently that it does in the other clans.

The Taraka clan currently seems to reside in a void between the realms, amongst others accessible through the Crescent Gate.


The Taraka clan is despised and avoided by the other clans as they eat suras from all other clans.

Knowledge about the clan and its name is forbidden or shunned among the humans. Even Yuta is unable to speak or say his true name, because of the danger elements on it.[1][8][9]

The Taraka clan seems to have taken on the Gandharva clan as of late, due their weakening in the poisonous atmosphere of the sura realm.

Notable MembersEdit


The current universe was created by the four primeval gods: Brahma, Visnu, Shiva, and Kali. They had the ability to manage the Power of the Names. Using this power, Visnu created the astika and nastika using the strongest Names. However, Kali refused to have her creations surpass her own power and took the remaining nastika names available, which were either faulty or dangerous. Using the names she stole, she created her own clan.[8]

After much time had passed, Kali had a child, Yuta, with Garuda under unknown circumstances. She was forced to leave, so she created a replacement mother for him: Taraka.[10] Yuta spent some of his childhood with his stepmother, but he eventually ran away to the Garuda clan.[11] Later, Shuri took over Yuta's training. Taraka spent her time looking for her son until she found him in Willarv in the water channel. Although she tried to take him back to the sura realm with her, he refused and stayed with Leez, so Taraka returned to the sura realm alone.[8]

2-59 Taraka clan attack

stronger Chaos suras appear in N5[12]

In the sura realm in the year N5, during the Taraka clan's attack on the Gandharva clan, other suras noted that the Taraka clan seemed to have become stronger. In an uncommon and serious case, a 'unique looking' Chaos sura, whose appearance greatly differed from Taraka's typical underlings, killed a nastika and possibly rakshasa or upani from the Gandharva clan easily and instantly, in spite of the fact that the nastika was confident in holding the sura back and confident in his assumed superior physical strength even in human form.[12]

When Kasak traveled through the Crescent Gate on his way to Kalibloom, Taraka captured him in order to stall him and allow Yuta time to develop. She also revealed to him that Yuta was the true King of the Taraka clan just before he killed her. Around the same time, Yuta developed to his 3rd stage. Kasak has so far only shared this knowledge with Agni.[13]


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