Teira Bell was the owner of the Sword of Return before Leez Haias.[1] She is deceased by the time the main story takes place.


Teira drew the Sword sometime around the year D976,[2] so she was its owner for approximately 24 years.

She murdered the previous Priest of Light during the Cataclysm in the year N0,[3] likely due to the massive occurrence of emotional resonance.[4] She was quickly killed by the combined attacks of the priest candidates, and the Sword returned itself to its resting place at the Temple of Chaos where Kali originally dropped it.[5][6]


Season 2Edit

Chapter 19: RiftEdit

(3) As Teo and Gandharva (in his human disguise) walk towards the site of the Test of the Sword, she explains to him that the sword was last drawn 40 years ago, but the owner died during the Cataclysm.

Chapter 22: The One Standing Before MeEdit

(1) After the Kalibloom magicians fire an attack at Maruna and Gandharva, resulting in the latter's disappearance, Leez is suddenly "possessed" by an unknown entity who takes the opportunity for revenge and fires a transcendental attack at Maruna. Parr Hael notes that it is a transcendental of the Sword that was previously used by Teira Bell.


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