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the finite is a romance-fantasy novel written in Korean by Currygom and published in installments in her personal blog. It takes place many years before the Cataclysm and the webtoon's storyline, in a time when gods and suras were still able to walk alongside humans.


The main story revolves around Ian Rajof's life and past, her fateful encounter with the dragon Taksaka, and their love story. Along with the main characters, there are quite a number of minor ones whose contributions will determine a lot of future choices in the webtoon's main story (like Nard Lehn, who would later become Ran Sairofe's grandfather). The readers are provided with a lot of side information about Kubera's setting as well.

List of characters

Publishing history

Fancafe Ian

fan-made Kubera FanCafe header featuring Ian Rajof

Blog version

In early 2012 Currygom took a break from publishing her webtoon, Kubera, for several months. During this time, she made weekly posts of the finite, a side novel to the webtoon, on her blog. This story describes the life of Kasak's parents—Taksaka and Ian Rajof—but other characters also appear: Vishnu, Kalavinka, Ran's grandparents, a bunch of nastikas, and a bunch of gods.

Naver Best Challenge version

In 2013, the finite was accepted into the Challenge section of Naver's novel section, and Currygom began the process of rewriting the story. Although many of the early chapters are mostly the same, later parts either have differences or are completely new. This version went on hiatus later that year after Chapter 33 was published. In January 2015, Currygom began to post new chapters again, but this time on her blog. However:

  1. She deleted several paragraphs, e.g. background information about the gods, when the older chapters were transferred to her blog.
  2. She stopped at Chapter 43 and announced in June 2015 that the remaining Chapters 44-80 will only appear in book form along with illustrations, once the webtoon is completed.

As for which version, blog or Challenge League, is official, Currygom's answer is that both are; it's like how a film version will be deployed differently. However, the webtoon Kubera will officially follow the Challenge League version.


There is no official English translation for this novel. Summaries of the blog version by Mizura can be found on the forums (formerly Batoto). For the Naver Best Challenge version, see the next section below.

A German translation attempt by User:Tierra Nevada can be found here.

Chapter summaries

Chapters 1-10 Chapters 11-20 Chapters 21-30 Chapters 31-40 Chapters 41-50

1-74 Taksaka's family

These condensed chapter summaries are from the Naver Best Challenge version of the finite. Paragraphs that were deleted when chapters were transferred to the blog are in blue text. (Summaries are being added as we have time, so they are currently incomplete.)

More detailed summaries of the first 33 chapters by Mizura can be found in the Kubera forum on

A translation of Chapter 34 can be found on the BKS blog.