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Chapter 31Edit

Oath (Part 2/2) - 맹세 (下)

Summary TBA

Chapter 32Edit

Shadow - 그림자

Summary TBA

Chapter 33Edit

Catastrophe - 파국(破局) (1)

Summary TBA

Chapter 34Edit

Catastrophe - 파국(破局) (2)

Summary TBA

Chapter 35Edit

Summary TBA

Chapter 36Edit

Summary TBA

Chapter 37Edit

Summary TBA

Chapter 38Edit

Summary TBA

Chapter 39Edit

Summary TBA

Chapter 40Edit

The Dream - (released Apr-29-2015)

Ian thanks Tak for saving her from Utpala. They discuss his death, then talk about other strong dragons while Ian wonders which of them really destroyed her village, while letting Tak continue to believe that it was Utpala. Tak then asks her if they could live together outside the city.

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