Chapter 41Edit

Her Feelings (1/3) - 그녀의 마음 (上) (released May-20-2015)

Tak clumsily tries to build a house for Ian but ends up making a mess and going through all the available materials. Ian suggests he get some help, but he insists that he promised to build her a nice house with his own two hands. When a downpour begins, they both find shelter back at the cave and go to sleep.

The next morning, Tak is feeling more optimistic until he finds that Ian is sluggish and running a temperature. Even though Vishnu would be the best at healing, Tak has no idea where he is. Shess has a relatively weak healing skill, but Tak thinks it should be good enough and begins to focus on his location (with a sura ability to locate a weaker being within a limited range). He rushes away carrying Ian and finds Shess in his sura horse-like form grazing on trees. (Vegetarian suras need to eat more than carnivorous suras to gain the same amount of vigor.) Shess heals Ian, then asks Tak why he even likes a human woman. He also wants to discuss something with Tak...

Chapter 42Edit

Her Feelings (2/3) - 그녀의 마음 (下) (released Jun-10-2015)

Visnu asks Yama to extend Ian's lifespan, but Yama refuses.

Shess explains the human afterlife to Taksaka and tells him that once they die, humans fall under the jurisdiction of the gods and are given divine judgement. Humans who fall in love with suras are severely punished in Hell. Taksaka is shocked to learn this.

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  • The chapters on Currygom's blog end with Chapter 42, and the remaining chapters will appear in the printed volumes.

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