Trisilla Ajes
트리실라 아제스
2-177 Carte priest of wind and Vayu
Basic Information
Race Pure-blood human
Birthday attributes Vayu - Vayu - Vayu
Gender female
Occupation Priest of Wind
Personal Information
Birthday Year D972
5th month (Vayu)
? day (Vayu)
5th hours (Vayu)
Age 34 years (N5)
Height/Weight  ? / ?
First Appearance
Webtoon Episode 2-177
(sneak peek in Ep. 64)

Trisilla Ajes was the Priest of Wind on the planet Carte in the year N5. She was on the final rescue transport from Carte to Willarv, and died as a result of depleting her lifespan when she summoned the God of Wind, Vayu, to help the transport ship reach Willarv.[1] She had a divine affinity of 1500.[2]


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