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Twelve Comeback
열두번의 재기
1-73 blog 10081063229 twelve comeback
Darkness + Resurrection + other (3rd attribute is mandatory)
Target self
Effect(s) resurrection and full recovery after death (with the exception of vigor)
Requirement human or sura form
Known user(s) Hura
Blog source Transcendental skills of supporting characters (2)

Twelve Comeback is a multi-type transcendental skill that allows the user to resurrect themselves after death.

It is not possible to resurrect forever with this skill as vigor will be consumed each time, plus this skill can only be used 12 times in a single day. So in order to kill Hura, an attacker must either kill him 13 times before a full day passes, or must make his vigor run out before the next kill.

Hura uses this skill in conjunction with Transcendental Trap to draw Kasak's transcendental attacks to himself. He uses up about half of his lives in the process.[1][2]


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