The universe of Kubera (sometimes referred to as the Kuberaverse) has a complex structure with (at least) four dimensions, three separate realms (the human realm, the sura realm, and the god realm),[1] and many stars and planets, of which several are known. Many of the planets and suns/stars were destroyed during the events of the Cataclysm.

Prior to the Cataclysm, gods and suras had free access between realms, and several sura clans lived on different planets in the human realm. During the Cataclysm, the realms were cut off from one another, and the races were separated according to realm, though inferior suras were placed in the human realm. However, it is still possible for certain individuals to create a gate between realms.

Past universesEdit

Other universes have existed and were destroyed before the current universe. Visnu is the only one of the four primeval gods who remembers what happened in the previous universes. His name, like all the other primeval gods' names, is independent of the universe's existence, i.e., he will survive even the end of the universe.[2]

Human realmEdit

The human realm is considered the most favorable of the three realms.

Star FedustEdit

Planet WillarvEdit

Planet HalmutEdit

Other starsEdit

Planet CarteEdit

Planet IsholyEdit

Planet TaitalikaEdit

Planet KonchezEdit

God realmEdit

The god realm is desolate compared to the human realm, yet habitable. It contains several dimensions, and access to higher dimensions is restricted based on a god's zen level. The higher the zen level of a dimension, the faster time flows. The God of Death, Yama, purposely lives at the 5th-zen level so he can avoid dealing with requests to extend a human's lifespan, because the human typically dies during negotiations due to the faster flow of time there.

In certain areas of Hell, however, the flow of time is slower than in the human realm. Because of this, Agni has actually lived for a longer length of time than the nastikas and most of the other gods.

Sura realmEdit

The sura realm is a toxic realm with stronger gravity and a red sky. This is not an issue for some of the sura clans, such as the Ananta clan and the Vritra clan. However, the Gandharva clan has suffered since being forcibly moved there from Planet Carte during the Cataclysm.


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