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    So I woke up early for some reason, went downstairs to have breakfast and got my fangirling mode when I saw the new raws. So my internet has been trolling me again and today was quite hot, but that's not why I want to post this blog. I just decided to take some screencaps of the raws and make some funny comments .

    Let's start with the Yaksha half that tried to make a confersation with Ran. Poor guys, but his phobia for half is too amusing for me. The first impression I had was that she was trying to make a move on him.

    Ran's reaction makes it even better. I wonder how that half felt when Ran acted like that. How ironic, since someone joked about Ran and the catwoman in a forum and now look what we got? Just a funny coincidense.

    Now let's talk…

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    May 5, 2013 by Dreamingflower

    So I decided to re-read another Kubera chapter just for fun and again I noticed something, well this time I also noticed it when I read that chapter for the first time, but I forgot, because I was too curious about the other chapter. Anyway now I'm going to talk about Sagara, more precisely her male form.

    I don't know how many VOCALOID fans are here, but I at least know that I am one of them. So it was for a quite a shock when I saw Sagara's mle form for the first time. He reminded me so much of Kaito. If i didn't know any better I'd think he'd be a Kaito look-a-like or I'd think that it was Kaito fanart or Currygom could be a secret Kaito fangirl. XD  [[File:VOCALOID_KAITO.jpg|thumb|left|So smexy

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    I decided to reread Kubera again just for fun and I noticed something funny. When I reached the chapter where Brilith and Agni appeared I saw Agni standing in the crowd acting like every other Brilith admirer.

    I don't think she noticed, but I wish she had her expression would be too priceless. If I was her I'd laugh my ass off. Seriously just look at the picture, don't you get the feeling like you want to laugh hard too? Poor Brilith, if she made priestess day into go look at the faces of your fans and see if someone has a funny face day she's be less bored. Her smile would be more realistic too, or people would think that she'd gone insane or became ill, but that's their problem.

    Anyway Agni did it again; made me fall from the chair laughin…

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    Kubera fics

    April 25, 2013 by Dreamingflower

    I thought it was a good idea to post my Kubera fics here, this way you don't need to go to my FF profile everytime to see if I post anyting interesting. Also I may post one's that I haven't post on FF yet, so see it as a way of early spoilers, lucky or priviledge. 

    This idea just popped into my head one time, when I was thinking about how Leez could try to experience shopping and since Yuta never wears a shirt. XD 

    The words Yuta writes down in how notepad are bold, 'This' are Yuta's thoughts and 'this are Leez's thoughts.

    Disclaimer: Kubera is a story written by Currygom. For some reason I wanna try some curry mushrooms...

    A day off

    "How boring!"

    Leez sighed as she closed the book she was reading.

    Leez had been in her hotel room since this morni…

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