So I woke up early for some reason, went downstairs to have breakfast and got my fangirling mode when I saw the new raws. So my internet has been trolling me again and today was quite hot, but that's not why I want to post this blog. I just decided to take some screencaps of the raws and make some funny comments .

Let's have a drink!

I totally had that idea when I saw this. XD

Let's start with the Yaksha half that tried to make a confersation with Ran. Poor guys, but his phobia for half is too amusing for me. The first impression I had was that she was trying to make a move on him.
Ran wants his mommy

No matter how many times he runs away, it stays funny.

Ran's reaction makes it even better. I wonder how that half felt when Ran acted like that. How ironic, since someone joked about Ran and the catwoman in a forum and now look what we got? Just a funny coincidense.

Don't touch the hair!

Now let's talk about Alexander God Kubera's appereance, it was about time. I started to think that he decided to go on vacation or something. Anyway we all know he's not there for chitchat, Sagara has done a terrible crime! SHE TOUCHED LEEZ'S HAIR! And without God Kubera's permission, yup he's definetely going to scold her. THought now that he has no interest in killing Leez, what's the point of having a whole sura army on his side? Is he planning to start a war or something? 

Sagara isn't stupid so sooner or later she'll now that he's been playing with her all along. How will she handle her frustration? Trying to kill Leez? Unlike Agni, Kubnera isn't polite enough to let a Sura go unscatered if they push the wrong button. Also she's much weaker in the human realm, so pissing off a god is a stupid idea.


 Unless Sagara turn male and sends her fangirls after him. How will kubera handle that? Sending his own army of fangirls? We all know, you can't touch the fangirls, they're crazy! But for a very understandable reason. he's like Kaito's lost twin or something. Even I was squeling when she changed her gender. Please Sagara, why can't you be male more often?

Anyway this conclude's today's blog! Till the next popist, which is probadly when the next chapter is released.

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