I decided to reread Kubera again just for fun and I noticed something funny. When I reached the chapter where Brilith and Agni appeared I saw Agni standing in the crowd acting like every other Brilith admirer.

Kubera Brilltih fanclub

Seriously Agni, what's going on in that brain of his?

I don't think she noticed, but I wish she had her expression would be too priceless. If I was her I'd laugh my ass off. Seriously just look at the picture, don't you get the feeling like you want to laugh hard too? Poor Brilith, if she made priestess day into go look at the faces of your fans and see if someone has a funny face day she's be less bored. Her smile would be more realistic too, or people would think that she'd gone insane or became ill, but that's their problem.

Anyway Agni did it again; made me fall from the chair laughing, I really hope to see any other funny action form him in one of the future chapters. I don't care what, as long as it's funny. He can go undercover and tease some of the guards or Lorraine.

I guess today is a bit short, but I had to share it. I don't know if anyone had noticed it before, but Agni really knows how to mix wit the humans so you wouldn't notice on the first glance. I'll make another pos like this one if I find something else that deserves commenting on. For now stay tuned to whatever post.

Dreamingflower (talk) 21:23, April 27, 2013 (UTC)

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