(Actually, that should say "Updated" Episode Template, but I can't edit the title. Anyway...)

tldr: Template:Episode has been updated and is much more simplified. Please use this if updating a Chapter page!

About a week ago I made a request over on the Community Wikia to enable Lua on our wiki. Lua is a templating language that Wikia added recently, that will allow us to make templates that are both faster and more functional than what we can make with wikitext. The old templates will continue to work as they are.

The first thing I wanted to do was to simplify the Episode (Chapter) template so we no longer have to add the naver/LINE links to the template. It's kind of a pain to do in wikitext, so I decided to try to do it with Lua. I only have a light programming background (some C, C++) so it took me a couple of days to get the module to finally work.

Please refer to the documention here when editing Episode (Chapter) pages! Template:Episode

For the curious, here is our Lua module - Module:EpisodeLink I'm not an expert coder and there are probably ways to compact the code, but it works!