This is my current project, which will probably take a few weekends. One annoying issue I've had was trying to find cool images for pages while avoiding uploading duplicate images, but the number of images in Special:NewFiles is huge and tedious to go through. I noticed that other webtoon wikis often add appropriate categories to each image to make searching much easier. I hope other contributors will follow my lead whenever adding new images!

I'm going through all the images in Special:NewFiles and throwing them into categories. Basically,

Here is an example of an image with categories added: File:2-87_Teo_and_3_Wizards.jpg (Some of you may have noticed I now put the chapter # at the beginning of my image names. People frequently wonder what chapter a picture came from, and this really helps.)

In a few cases where there is a scenic image with no characters in the picture, I put the name of the city as a category (e.g. Kalibloom).

I added other categories as well, for non-webtoon content.

  • Naver for things like ratings screenshots and random ads/cafe headings with Kubera characters
  • Wiki screenshots - I was surprised to find a lot of these

There are other random images that I didn't add a category to since they seemed to be for personal pages. Maybe I should make an "other images" category to collect them all together? I also would like to find out if there's a way to search for images on the wiki that have no category, because I'm sure I missed a couple.

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