• Mizavari

    Do you:

    • often feel lost and confused?
    • want to follow the story without having to re-read it half-a-dozen times?

    The Kubera Wiki is adding a Spoilers and Trivia section to each chapter's summary section, including:

    • Trivia and extra info from various sources
    • Past references and foreshadowing
    • Reasoning to specific sub-plots
    • What each arc's title can refer to, at the end of each arc (see how many you got!)

    Currently, work has been mostly completed for Season 1 (Season 2 is wip), representing hundreds of extra information and cross-referencing for your perusing. So the next time you re-read, read along with the extras to see what you're missed! And if you notice anything missing, feel free to add it!

    See the Chapter Guide to get started.

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