Hello, not really sure if this is the right place, but here goes!

Some of you that have been visiting the wiki, may have noticed the conflict:

  • In some cases arcs have been named as chapters. Example here
  • In some cases releases have been named as chapters. Example here

The general consensus seems to favor naming individual releases as chapters and unified sums of releases as arcs. However the original creator, who also seems to be a member of the Korean fan community named the arcs as chapters.

Example1: "the Girl with a God's name" arc consists of 5 chapters, chapters 1-5.

Example2: "the Girl with a God's name" chapter consists of 5 releases, releases 1-5.

Since i don't speak Korean, i do not know how the releases, chapters, arcs are named by the active Korean community, but i would like to not break an existing naming system.

I have currently named the individual releases as releases on the front page, however if you:

  • Know of other naming ways
  • Prefer either of the two examples
  • Would like to suggest new names

Please comment on this blog.

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