2-64 Vajra




A dagger

First Owner



Enhances the use of hoti indra


The use of Sky attribute silent magic

Current Owner

Asha Rahiro

2-78 Asha casts hoti indra.png
Asha casts hoti indra with the Vajra...
2-78 Vajra Usage.png
...and demolishes a giant snake. [1]
The Vajra is a god-level item created by the god Indra.


The Vajra appears as a gray dagger with a rounded pommel. According to Riche Seiran, the Vajra is heavier than it looks.

Though its specific abilities are not clear, the Vajra affects hoti indra spells. However, it requires silent magic, making it unsuitable for use by most people.[2][3]


  • There are five Vajras (all with different appearances) that take the form of daggers or forked blades.[2]


The Vajra was in the possession of Riche; she lent the item to Asha in order to help defend Kalibloom. Asha later saved Riche from a sura by casting hoti indra with the Vajra (creating a giant blast of electricity).[1] In exchange for saving her, Riche agreed to permanently give the item to Asha.[4]


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