Vayu is the God of Wind, and a Fifth Zen god. He is also the patron of the 5th month. He has yet to make a formal appearance in the webtoon.


Vayu has only appeared in flashback or by reference so far in the webtoon.[1][2][3][4] He has short grayish spiky hair, and wears a dark, long-sleeved crop top, medium gray pants, Converse-like sneakers, and a dark gray fur scarf.

In season 3. Vayu appeared as a man with headphone and spiky hair.


He seems to be a good-natured god, according to the fact that the Neutral Bow is easily alterable.[5]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

His powers are available to humans as hoti vayu (teleportation) and bhavati vayu (levitation/local air control) spells.



Just before Planet Carte was destroyed in the year N5, Vayu was summoned by Trisilla Ajes using the summoning spell Idha Etu to rescue its inhabitants by transporting them to planet Willarv.[4] Asha Rahiro was among those saved.

Season 3Edit

Vayu appeared in a flashback of leez memory when she was in sura realm. Vayu told leez about earth attribute silent magic and she found out that it is rather useless in battle.


  • According to Gandharva, the association of Vayu and Agni is the strongest pair in terms of firepower among the 5th Zen gods.[6]


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