These earrings are a god-level item created by Vishnu to help his friend Taksaka regain some emotions through the suppression of his sura traits and the indifferent nature that characterizes the Vritra clan.[1]

Despite their suppressive power, they cannot alter a sura's eating habits.[2]


  • They do not allow sura to bypass the city barriers created by Brahma.
  • Normally, god-level items share the regenerative properties of the god, but the earrings did not restore themselves and are destroyed permanently.[3]


Taksaka was the original owner of the earrings, given to him by Vishnu in Mistyshore.[4] Many years later, the earrings were later handed down to Taksaka's son, Kasak Rajof, after his mother's death. When Yuta approached him to ask for a way to remain with Leez Haias and Asha Rahiro, Kasak loaned him the earrings.[1] Yuta eventually confessed to Kasak that the earrings broke.[5]

Normally, the earrings suppress Yuta's sura traits including his sharp teeth. However, in the water channel, the earrings broke, possibly due to Taraka's influence, thus making them useless.[6]


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