미열 (微熱)
Warmth Agni-Brilith
Fire (Fire + Fire + Fire for the Suras)
Target Individuals
Effect(s) Healing
Requirement 50% of the target's body unharmed
Target's sense intact enough to feel warmth
Trust of the target for the user
Known user(s) Agni
Blog source Agni's skills

Warmth is a transcendental skill that restore target. Extent of the healing was large enough to cover damage from decomposition that resulted in loss of an arm and decaying of half the the face and upper body.

While it is one of the few recovery-based skill from mostly offensive Fire-Attribute transcendental skill, it is very hard to use.

Agni used it to recover Brilith Ruin, who suffered a loss of arm due to decompostion from Sagara's transcendental skill, Fatal Touch.

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