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White Assimilation
백색동화 (白色同化)
White Assimilation
Target Oneself
Effect(s) Damage enhancement (temporary), Speed enhancement (temporary), Immunity to physical attacks (temporary), Transcendental resistance (temporary)
Requirement Being Agni, 1% of required vigor is deducted from the summoner's vigor
Known user(s) Agni
Blog source Agni's skills

White Assimilation is one of Agni's unique transcendental skills.

This Skill is similar to Fire Assimilation, but the user becomes a unparalleled strong white flame. It is different from the concept of white fire or white stars (but it's uncertain how).

This skill requires a lot of vigor, quickly shaving away on the lifespan of the God's summoner. That is why Agni only uses it if he is out of his mind.

In this state, Agni's belligerence is very high: he does not distinguish between friend or enemy anymore and annihilates them altogether. In the wars between suras and gods, this characteristic of Agni often was used in operations: He was dropped off between the sura like a bomb.


Brilith almost died after Agni used White Assimilation only for a few seconds during his fight against Gandharva in Atera.

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