White Assimilation is one of Agni's unique transcendental skills.

This skill is similar to Fire Assimilation, but his entire body appears white and his strength is unparalleled. The white is not fire but something else, but it is unclear what. The principle is different from white stars.

Even if Brilith is in her best condition, this transcendental skill cannot be maintained due to the amount of vigor she loses as well as some of her lifespan, so Agni never uses it unless he becomes crazy. He occasionally uses this transcendental when he is in the god realm or the sura realm where he has no summoner to worry about, but he is unable to use it if there is anyone he should be protecting around him. When using the skill, he becomes very violent; he is unable to distinguish friend from foe, and often kills everyone around him. In the war between the gods and suras, Agni was used in operations where he would be placed alone among many suras to use his specialty, like setting off a bomb.


Brilith almost died after Agni used White Assimilation only for a few seconds during his fight against Gandharva in Atera.[1]


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