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1-14 Willarv
Willarv (윌라르브) is the planet on which Leez, and a good number of other characters, were born and where the current story takes place. The climate and landscapes feature a great variety.

Along with nine other planets (not inhabited due to unfavorable climatic conditions) Willarv rotates around a star called Fedust. It's also placed at quite some distance from the nearest inhabited planet, Carte.



  • Willarv is the planet where Visnu hid Kalavinka for a long time.
  • Willarv has a moon, but Currygom doesn't draw it because she thinks she might mess up the moon phases.
  • Currygom used both spellings: Willarv and Willrarv.
  • Willarv has a circumference of approx. 40.000km (same as our earth).
  • One needs 16 hours on supersonic speed to cover 20.000km (for example from Atera to Kalibloom). Crescent Gate can shorten the travel time to half an hour.

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