2-61 Willarv from space

View from space: after Gandharva used Water Spout in Kalibloom[1]

Willarv (윌라르브) is the planet on which Leez, and a good number of other characters, were born and where the main story takes place. There are a great variety of climates and landscapes.
1-14 Willarv


Willarv rotates around a star called Fedust along with nine other planets, which are uninhabited due to unfavorable climatic conditions. It is also a considerable distance from the nearest inhabited planet, Carte.


There are no nations on Willarv, although the six cities on the planet could be regarded as similar to city-states, in some respects. The cities represent the few locations where humans can live safely. If someone moves to another city, it is a major relocation.[2]

Diplomatic relations between the cities are good as well. There are no hostilities. If a problem occurs at one location, then they inform each other immediately and discuss measures. When a stronger enemy exists that threatens everyone (such as suras), there is no time to fight with each other.[2]


  • Currygom has stated the the main story will not move to other planets, which will be mentioned on occasion.[2]
  • Willarv is the planet where Vishnu hid Kalavinka for a long time.
  • Willarv has a moon, but Currygom does not draw it because she thinks she might mess up the moon phases.[3]
  • Currygom has used both of the following spellings on her blog: Willarv and Willrarv. The official English translation uses Willarv.
  • Willarv has a circumference of approx. 40,000km (same as our earth).
  • One needs 16 hours on supersonic speed to cover 20,000km (for example from Atera to Kalibloom). Crescent Gate can shorten the travel time to half an hour.[4]


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