Yaksha was the first King of the Yaksha clan. He is deceased by the time the webtoon takes place.


According to Currygom, he originally took the form of an old man, but later on decided to look like a 12-year-old. He had white hair and bright blue eyes. Yaksha was often seen with an empty pipe in his mouth.


In her blog, Currygom stated that Yaksha died because he was too good to humans. He didn't like the sura realm because it was bleak, preferring forests with water nearby. Yaksha was dignified, charismatic, and gentle. Despite his appearance, he behaved more like a grandfather and loved to play with children.



Yaksha's bone

He was the first King of the Yaksha clan. Near the beginning of the universe, Yaksha was visited by Kinnara, who told him about the negotiations that the Vritra clan had done with the primeval gods. He was disappointed, having hoped for a match between Ananta and a female Vritra. Kinnara tells him that Vritra doesn't pay attention to her anymore and starts crying. He pats her shoulder and advises her not to be overtaken by her grief, as that might harm her clan. His advice is to go back to her clan and prepare for an attack, as their only ally has left them. Kinnara understands and does as he says.

The circumstances of his death have not been revealed, but he died a long time ago and his bones were scattered throughout Willarv. Half hunters use the bones to block Half transcendentals.


  • Yaksha was the 3rd strongest sura, right after Vritra.
  • He fought against Asura many times, even to the brink of killing him, since Asura was supposedly his greatest enemy.
  • His hobby is fishing with his tail.