The Yaksha Clan is one of the eight existing sura clans.


Not much is known about the Yaksha clan. Its first King, Yaksha, was killed at some point and his bones were scattered throughout Willarv.

Shuri became the next King of the clan, and through her friendships with Vishnu, Garuda, and Gandharva, formed an alliance among their three clans. When Garuda was unable to raise his children together because of the Power of the Name, she took Yuta in and trained him in Isholy. Shuri taught him self-restraint in the form of the "Way of a King", even though he wasn't liked in her clan because of his chaotic tendencies.[1]

During Shuri's time as king, Hanuman was the clan's #2, though at some point she distanced herself from her clan and left all the work to Shuri. Between D873 and D914, Hanuman was in a relationship with Nard Lehn and brought him from Taitalika to Willarv, where they had a daughter named Hana. Eventually the couple split apart for unknown reasons and she returned to her clan, leaving Hana and Nard behind.

By N0, Shuri disappeared along with Vishnu. Sometime after the superior suras were sent to the sura realm, the new Yaksha king, Hanuman, was seen assisting the Gandharva clan during an attack by the Taraka clan.[2] She advised Gandharva to make a decision befitting a king, since he no longer had his best friends to help him, and she was unable to help him indefinitely.

In N15 in the human realm, Yaksha upanis and maras were among the sura army surrounding and preparing to attack Rindhallow under Maruna's leadership.


Yaksha suras and halfs are hunted for their livers, considered a delicacy for boosting stamina. Among halfs and quarters, Yaksha offspring are considered to be the strongest physically.

They apparently are a pacifistic clan, which views eating humans as something unbecoming. As a result, the Yaksha clan has produced a lot of halfs and quarters, with the result that on planet Willarv, people of Yaksha descent are the most common of crossbreeds.

Apparently, Yaksha's bones have the power to weaken halfs, preventing them from using their powers.[1] It is unknown if this ability is shared by his clan or is unique to him.



Garuda-Gandharva-Yaksha alliance

The Yaksha clan is allied with the Garuda and Gandharva clans due to the friendship their second King used to share with the other kings. According to Shess, the alliance has started to waver now that only one of the original founders remains alive. Still, Hanuman was seen assisting the Gandharva clan in their time of need and many inferior Yaksha suras were helping Maruna in the human realm.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Yaksha, first King
  • Shuri, second King
  • Hanuman, current King; also Ran and Lutz Sairofe's grandmother.


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