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2-86 Yuta -via Tierra

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1-86 Yuta in full 2nd stage Sura form

Basic Information
Race Sura
Clans Taraka and Garuda clans
Rank Rakshasa
Stage 3rd
Clan attributes Chaos + Sky
Hereditary attribute(s) Light + unknown
Gender male
Authority (still hidden) King of the
Taraka clan
Personal Information
Age 300+ years

176cm / ??kg

160cm / 46kg

Non-human traits pointy teeth, black blood
Family Garuda (father/comatose)
Kali (mother)
Taraka (stepmother)
Shuri (stepmother)
Maruna (half brother)
Kalavinka (half sister)
First Appearance
Webtoon Episode 43

"I will stay by your side until you tell me to go away."

      – Yuta to Leez[1]

Yuta (유타) is a rakshasa sura of Taraka and Garuda heritage. This name, used among the humans, was given to him by Leez; his brother Maruna refers to him by another name, Jatayu (자타유).[2] His real name is hidden and not yet known.

His mother is the primeval god Kali, and his father is the king of the Garuda clan. His primary goal is to locate his brother and sister, from whom he was separated over 100 years earlier. Once he arrives on planet Willarv, he joins Asha Rahiro and Leez Haias on their journey to Kalibloom, and develops a crush on Leez. However, his stepmother Taraka puts doubt in his mind whether his feelings are actually love, or just hunger.


  • Yuta is one of the 12 characters that appear in the Prologue to Season 1.[3] He shares a panel with Kubera Leez and may represent 'protection and love'.
  • During his stay with the Garuda Clan, he hid his wings most of the time. Because they were different, Garudas other than his siblings bullied him.
  • He's a unique existence, because sura can only reproduce with other sura from the same clan. He is also the only known child of a god so far in the story.
  • Kali embedded an illusion in Yuta's mind, so in his eyes, Taraka has the same appearance as his real mother Kali. The parts that are different are Taraka's hairstyle, clothes and tentacles. However, everyone else sees Taraka as a monster.[4]
  • His sword belonged originally to Garuda, who passed it down to Maruna, who in turn gave it to Yuta.
  • Yuta participated in the first 2 stages of the tournament for the Sword of Re in Kalibloom. In the first he broke 47 boards, and in the second he scored 98/100, each time deliberately attaining a score just below Leez's.
  • Yuta has been described by fans as yandere because of his behavior towards Leez since reaching 3rd stage.


  • "I can't do it. Don't ask me to give up one or the other. ...I can't." — after stopping the fight between Leez and Maruna[2]
  • "What's going to happen to me now? I'm scared that I might really turn into the bad guy. It would probably be better if I stayed away from everyone, but I don't want to be alone." — sharing his development concerns with Asha[5]


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