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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Yuta shares the Taraka clan's ability to nullify magic and transcendentals with his eyes.

As a rakshasa, he cannot communicate using human speech. He normally speaks in sura speech, which he uses with other suras as well as with the Halfs Kasak and Elwin, the latter of whom can understand but cannot speak it herself. To communicate with non-suras, he writes in a notebook given to him by Asha. He is apparently ambidextrous, since he has been shown writing with his left hand in some scenes, and his right in others.

Yuta has the ability of insight, but his his version of insight is special, the same as with Kali and Taraka. He is able to hear the thoughts of others without needing to look them in the eyes, which is different from the gods who must make eye contact. Gods cannot use insight on him unless he allows it, such as during the Test of the Sword when he secretly communicated to God Kubera because he did not want to use sura speech, which Sagara would be able to hear.[1][2] Yuta's eyes turn from his usual gray to a bright blue-green when he uses this ability.

His partial sura transformation is so fast, not even a rakshasa is able to see it. He used this to disable Clophe and Riagara with his sura-tail, in the time of a blink, moving faster than sound. Only Sagara as nastika was able to follow his movements and figure out what he did. Apparently, it's unusual for the transformation speed to match one's moving speed. [3]

Because he has four attributes instead of the usual three, he is unable to learn most transcendentals.

Recently, he used a teleportation transcendental. His eyes turn blue-green for this skill.[4][5] Samphati implied that this is a skill Taraka is able to use as well.[6] The requirements are yet unknown.


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