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1-96 Kali and Yuta

Yuta is the son of Garuda and Kali and the only known child of a god. One of his earliest memories is of his mother, Kali, telling him she has to go and that she must leave him, her masterpiece. To fill the maternal void she was leaving behind, she created a stepmother, Taraka, to replace her. Taraka was the ideal mother who always put Yuta first and was willing to do anything for him. She was also granted immortality by Kali so that Yuta would always be able to see his "mother," even though they would never see each other again.[1]

1-97 Garuda and Taraka

After Kali's departure, as a young Yuta slept in Taraka's arms, Garuda saw her presence as a sign that he was allowed to finally leave.[2]

Taraka often referred to Yuta as her successor as head of the Chaos clan and encouraged him to eat as much as he wanted.

Sometime around the year D700 (300 years before the Cataclysm), Yuta cried and blamed his stepmother for killing his friend, a black-feathered Garuda clan sura. Taraka denied killing her, but told her son that he can believe whatever he wants.[3] He did, in fact, eat his friend, but made himself forget. He then insisted that Taraka call him "Jatayu" (his Garuda friend's name).[4] The original Jatayu's death has led to her sister Samphati's desire for revenge.[5]

1-74 Garuda's children

Garuda's children saying their goodbyes[6]

Not long after, Yuta ran away from Taraka and joined the Garuda clan under his new name. According to Taraka, Garuda ignored him and Vinata only cared for her own children.[7] But Yuta learned and lived with his siblings Maruna and Kalavinka. When he was learning to fly, he felt embarrassed by his wings; it was Maruna who cheered Yuta on and convinced him that he might have been born of two clans, but he belonged to the Garuda clan.[8]

1-45 Shuri and Yuta 2

The three siblings were separated by their father to hide the Power of the Name, but they promised to reunite one day. Garuda's best friends (Gandharva, Shuri, and Visnu) took them in, and raised and trained them. Yuta was left in Shuri's charge, to the envy of many suras. Due his large apetite and chaotic tendencies, he was feared in the Yaksha clan. When he ate a Garuda sura, Shuri was advised to kill him while he was still small and weak. She refused and suggested they give him more time, since he could not quite manage his chaos impulses yet.[9] Shuri taught Yuta the "Way of a King" and her patient teachings formed and reinforced his self-control.

Shuri disappeared along with Visnu in N0 and Yuta was left stranded in the human realm on the planet Isholy. He traveled for an undetermined length of time from there to Willarv, where he met Leez and Asha in the year N15.

Season 1Edit

Chapter 7: Half (半)Edit

1-43 sura and boy

(1) In a forest in the vicinity of Mistyshore, a strange boy wearing an off-white cape and carrying a wrapped sword encounters a large, snake-like sura baring it long, sharp teeth. The boy merely smiles up at it, exposing his own sharp teeth.

1-44 intimidation

(2) The boy steps out from behind some trees, covering his mouth.

After sunset, in a nearby town where Asha and Leez are staying, the boy appears at a half auction and intimidates the man trying to sell a Garuda clan half as food, without saying a word.

As Asha talks with a hotel clerk, a clamor could be heard outside, with someone yelling that a half has run away.

1-45 mumble garble

(3) In a flashback, the boy has upset some Yaksha clan suras because he had eaten a Garuda clan sura, and they want to kill him before he grows stronger and eats them as well. Shuri tells them to give him some time.

While on the run, the Garuda half asks the boy if she can rest because the necklace her captors put on her is making her tired. The boy rips the necklace in response. She asks if he is a half as well, and invites him to a meal at her village as a thank-you. She barely finishes talking when half hunters suddenly appear and strike her down with hoti marut.

The boy recalls how Shuri taught him what he should eat (suras that attack him) and what he should not (humans). While the hunters are congratulating themselves, the boy prepares to maim them without actually eating them as his eyes turn red. Leez arrives at the scene and punches a hunter when he threatens her, sending him flying, as the boy looks on.

1-46 love at first sight

(4) The hunters think that both Leez and the boy are plotting to steal the half to sell themselves, and decide to discretely dispose of them. However, Asha appears, threatens them, and they run off. Leez explains to Asha that it was the boy who took the half from the auction and not her. As Leez grabs the boy and begs him to corroborate her story, Asha sees that the half is still alive and heals her. Leez is happy that the half will be okay and lets go of the boy, who stares back at Leez with a strange expression. Asha and Leez take both the injured half and the boy back to their hotel. As Leez leads the way out to dinner, Asha turns to the boy and asks him to explain himself and why he never talks.

1-47 horrifying vegetables

(5) At the hotel restaurant, Asha orders everyone an all-vegetarian meal. Asha closely watches the boy, who at first seems hesitant to eat, but after Leez complains about people who waste food, he gulps down the food on his plate. Asha is still suspicious of the boy and his intentions, and once they return to their hotel room, she asks Leez where the boy went, and she replies that he went out for some fresh air. Asha searches and finds him in an alley throwing up his dinner, and notes that his insides are black. She deduces that he is a superior sura, likely a 3rd-stage upani, but wonders why he is trying to pass off as a human. The boy scrawls in the dirt, threatening Asha if she tells anyone. She scoffs at this, saying she could easily defeat an upani below 5th stage. The boy then writes in the dirt that he is a rakshasa, surprising Asha.

1-48 extreme embarrassment

(6) Back at the hotel, as Asha returns with the boy, Leez jumps out of the shower to ask Asha for another bottle of shampoo. The boy hides his face in embarrassment. As Asha lectures her later, she goes along with the boy's pretense and explains that he is a half who is much older than her despite his youthful appearance. Later, outside on the balcony, Asha tosses the boy a notebook and a pencil, and suggests that he continues to pose as a half since Leez hates superior suras, with her as his sponsor. He asks where they are headed, and learns that their destination is Mistyshore. The boy reveals that he is headed for Kalibloom to get the Sword of Return, and this surprises Asha, who asks him why he wants the sword. He replies that he was stranded in the human realm after the Cataclysm and he would like to use the sword's hidden function of opening a gate to the sura realm, so he can reunite with his family. He is happy to learn that they are going to try for the sword as well, which means that they will be traveling together for a while. When the boy offers to give them the sword after he is done with it, Asha remarks that the sword cannot change ownership until the owner dies, but he informs her that the rules of the sword do not apply to him. Asha is suspicious of the circumstances of their meeting, but doesn't refuse him.

The next day, Leez is happy at the news of their new companion, and asks for his name. Asha explains that he cannot tell them his real name for personal reasons, but she came up with three possible new names: Blackie, White, and Spotty. Leez thinks the names are awful and offers to come up with something herself.

1-49 he can fly

(7) The group escorts the grateful Garuda half our of town, but she turns down Leez's offer to have Asha teleport her back to her village because she wants to keep its location a secret from humans, so the boy offers to take her home. Asha cautions him to keep a low profile, making Leez suspicious that the are keeping something from her. Once the boy and the half reach an uninhabited area, he brings out his mismatched wings—the left with black feathers, and the right which is white and bat-like with red veins. He recalls a conversation with his brother in which he complains about his mismatched wings, but his brother tells him that they are cool and the others are jealous, and encourages him to always flow towards the light of his Garuda half as he endures the difficulties of his Chaos half.

1-50 first sighting of Mistyshore

(8) The boy flies with the half at high speed the rest of the way to her village, returning her safely. He catches up with Asha and Leez at sunset the next day. With Leez left quite a ways away out of earshot, Asha suggests that he might be better off traveling alone since he would get to his destination much faster without them, and he would not have to pretend that he is a half, but he tells her everything is fine.

The next morning, Leez gives him the name Yuta after staying up all night coming up with a list of names. The boy immediately accepts it. He asks Leez if she came up with the name on her own, suggesting that it may be close to his own name. As the three prepare to teleport across the water to Mistyshore, Yuta grabs at Asha's right arm, but then realizes there is no arm, which brings a sad look to his face. He then hugs Asha around her waist, and they teleport away.

Chapter 8: The Wavering KingEdit

In Mistyshore, Yuta heard the call for help from a Gandharva Half who was being killed by humans in the woods near the city. Seeing the corpse made his self-control slip a bit, making him hurt the killers in retaliation for the Half's painful death. This event led to his first meeting with Agwen and Kasak Rajof, who were on their way to Mistyshore for Agwen's new job as Ran Sairofe's teacher at the local University of magic. Agwen attempted to capture Yuta, but her spell mysteriously failed and he fled. Afraid of what Yuta could do, Agwen forced Kasak to pursue him. Kasak analyzed the situation and, after taking full sura form, calmly talked to Yuta, who confirmed his speculations about the existence of a sura half-breed. Since Kasak appeared to bear information on his family, Yuta tried to get him to divulge more, but Kasak ran out of vigor, forcing him to return to his human form and fall asleep on a nearby rock.

Chapter 9: RivalEdit

That evening, when Agwen deposited her father's unconscious body on his hotel room bed, Agwen invited Asha's group to a meat buffet dinner, much to Yuta's happiness, who could finally snatch away his favorite food (raw meat). During dinner, Agwen received an urgent summons from Atera. When Yuta realized Kasak would be leaving with Agwen, he hastily ran to Kasak's hotel room intending to ask him about his siblings. However, Kasak refused to talk about them, instead informing him of his earrings, a god-class item capable of suppressing his non-human characteristics. Since Ran (the new companion Asha picked up for traveling through the Water Channel) was scared of Halfs, and Yuta couldn't pass as a human because of his teeth, he chose to borrow the earrings for now, and wait until he developed to force the information about his siblings from Kasak.

Chapter 11: The Power of the NameEdit

Inside the Water Channel, Yuta hunted for sura to eat as the rest of his group slept, but because he ate them alive, they made enough noise to catch Leez's attention. Yuta managed to avoid being seen by a curious Leez due Kubera's help in distracting her. Unexpectedly, Kasak's earrings broke, which Yuta attributed to his stepmother, Taraka, and saw this as her way of pulling him towards the side of Chaos.

Chapter 12: Lies for YouEdit

As the group's boat neared the channel exit, they were approached by a Chaos sura and Yuta saw that his stepmother was nearby. To avoid having anyone else hurt, he urged everyone (in writing) to disregard him and proceed to the exit, then left the boat to meet Taraka, who took Yuta away using the Water Channel of Carte. Taraka revealed that she would take her son back to the sura realm, and described Yuta's love for Leez as a "twisted form of suppressed hunger." Leez caught up with them and fought Taraka until she ran out of vigor, at which point Taraka slammed her into the side of the mountain.

Yuta's 2nd stage sura form

An angry Yuta transformed and attacked Taraka, quickly subduing her. He made her realize she was only a creation of Kali, embedded with the goddess' memories. After ferrying Ran and an unconscious Leez to saftey, Yuta revealed himself to Ran as a superior sura and waited for Asha's arrival before going back to deal with his stepmother. Taraka finally accepted her role and realized how difficult she had made Yuta's life. Intending to be a better mother, she let him remain in the human realm. Before leaving, Taraka warned Yuta about an Insight she had, where she saw him attacking Leez in a few years. Despite the warning, Yuta chose to remain with his group and continued to travel with them to Kalibloom.

Season 2Edit

Kubera 3rd stage Yuta

S2 preview of Yuta

Chapter 13: LostEdit

As the group approached Kalibloom, Yuta realized they were being spied upon. The culprit, Riche Seiran, decided to kidnap him with the Hide of Bondage after measuring his transcendental value at 1350. However, the Hide targeted an unknown person in the group instead with a much higher transcendental value, which prompted Yuta to hand over his sword to Leez, causing the Hide to switch over to Yuta and capture him.

Chapter 14: Blood/HideEdit

At her residence in Kalibloom, Riche observed Yuta's black blood and deduced he was a Chaos Half. Asha soon arrived to recover Yuta, but he managed to escape from the locked basement on his own. However, he went berserk in the process and consumed Asha's left hand, forcing her to use hoti visnu to save herself. Before leaving, they intimidated Riche into giving them both the Neutral Bow and the Hide of Bondage. Out on their hotel balcony, Leez expressed sadness that their party would soon become smaller since Yuta and Ran would no longer have a reason to stay with her and Asha; Yuta responded that he would remain with her as long as she wanted.

Chapter 15: The Weapon of a GodEdit

2-18 hug

Yuta carries Leez over the chasm[10]

During their trek to the Earth Temple, Leez attempted to jump across a wide chasm ahead of Yuta, but her bracelet turned off just before she launched herself and she began to fall. Yuta lifted her up from behind and quickly flew her across the rest of the way. He hid his wings immediately upon landing, but Leez spotted a telltale black feather floating away.

At the Temple of Earth, Leez was about to ask Claude Yui for directions when Yuta glared at him and pulled Leez in another direction.

Later that evening, back at their hotel, Ran and Yuta fooled around with the Neutral Bow when Yuta unexpectedly activated and fired it, destroying one of the city's pillars. During the chaos that followed and once Asha had returned to deal with the situation, Leez and Ran began arguing over the bow.

Chapter 16: CautionEdit

Yuta was leaving from the direction of Leez's room when he encountered Ran in the hallway, prompting Ran to call him a pervert. Ran used this situation to coerce Yuta into accompanying him to practice using the bow. Outside, as Ran continued to examine the bow, he prodded a resistant Yuta into firing it again. When Yuta relented and drew the bow, Ran confirmed that the owner's name he thought he saw the first time was Rao Leez. Asha was outside reflecting on the earlier choking incident with Leez when she heard the Neutral Bow go off with a boom, which this time appeared to destroy a large chunk of a distant hill.

Yuta helping Ran

Yuta, with his wings extended (presumably to protect Ran from the bow's impact), checked to see if Ran was okay, and noted that the bow's attack was different from the previous one, with the whirlwind closer and smaller. When Ran asked if he did anything different this time, Yuta replied that he wasn't sure, he just fired it. An angry Asha appeared, leaving the other two wondering why she was in such a bad mood. After she repaired the hill, Asha commented on Ran's camaraderie with Yuta in spite of his fear of Halfs, seeing how normally someone who disliked Halfs would hate Sura even more; this would allow her to pass on her sponsorship of a troublemaker like Yuta to Ran. Ran called Asha out on her cold attitude towards Leez and Yuta, and Asha countered that even he would miss her once she and her attitude were gone.

After Asha became upset with Leez for talking to Claude about the Neutral Bow, she composed herself and left their hotel room. Ran gave Leez a pat on the head as Yuta looked on, with a look of concern possibly for Asha.

Chapter 17: ReflectionEdit

Late the next afternoon, Yuta listened while Asha got some things off her chest that she'd been holding in for a while. At the end of their talk, she spotted a plant wilting and realized someone must have cast a hoti yama spell 12 hours previously, at the time Leez had been talking with Claude Yui that morning. As Yuta searched for Leez, he suddenly sensed dangerous but weakened prey nearby, and found Leez with Gandharva. However, he fought the strong desire to eat him and ran away to avoid having Leez see his Sura form. Back at the Chaos Temple, Ran informed Asha that it would be problematic for Leez if Yuta ever reached his third stage, basically Sura puberty, because of their closeness.

Chapter 18: The Test of the SwordEdit

Feeling famished, Yuta went to the woods outside the Chaos Temple to hunt, and there met Elwin Rakan, a Half who could understand sura speech. Yuta participated in the first two stages of the Test of the Sword, but had no choice but to withdraw after the third stage was revealed to be a Divine Affinity/Transcendental Value test, which would reveal that he was an superior sura. Sagara's crew discovered the remains of three Ananta upanis, and Cloche revealed that they were eaten alive by a sura with wings and a tail. While waiting for Leez and Ran to draw the sword, Yuta met up with Claude, who was eager to talk to him. Their conversation remains unknown.

Chapter 19: RiftEdit

2-42 unexpected interruption

Sagara and Yuta

Inside the Testing Center, Yuta interrupted the fight between a now-male Sagara and Kubera, allowing Kubera to take Leez away to safety. When Yuta blocked his transcendentals, Sagara fled and realized his latest opponent was a 2nd stage Chaos sura. Soon enough, the Ananta king spotted Yuta in the crowd tailing him without attacking. Sagara moved his way into a larger crowd after deducing that his pursuer was trying to keep up appearances posing as a Half. Yuta accidentally injured a bystander during the chase, which delayed him long enough for Riagara to arrive and face him. She questioned him about the three dead upani and he admitted to eating them. In the ensuing fight, Riagara showed her strength and initially had the upper hand, mocking Yuta for underestimating her, but it turned out he was simply holding back. He suggested they both leave the Chaos Barrier and fight in sura form, and if she refused, he'd go after Sagara. Yuta suddenly noticed Elwin in the crowd and realized she understood the entire conversation; he nervously began to explain himself to her, leading Riagara to take the opportunity to abduct the little Half. In his pursuit, Yuta was confident in his speed until Maruna appeared and helped Riagara escape. At this point he realized that his brother was the Garuda sura who attacked Leez's village, and is the one she intended to kill with the Sword of Re. Yuta was faced with two options: he should either choose to join his brother and become an enemy of humans, or remain with Leez and fight his brother. The pressure of this difficult choice caused him to suddenly become painfully ill and collapse. Claude and Ran found him running a fever; back in Yuta's room, Claude explained to Ran that the pain was the result of a forked growth, indicating more than one possible developed form, which would be determined once he made his choice.

Chapter 20: Grudge/EnmityEdit

When Leez tried to offer the bedridden Yuta a plate of raw meat, he pushed her away to the ground. When she tried to question him, the sight of her neck caused him to almost lose control. He pushed her hard a second time leaving a scratch on her face, and disappeared through the open window. Asha correctly guessed that he would go to Claude for help. He confessed to Claude that he had felt a strong impulse to bite Leez's neck.

Chapter 21: Frozen TearsEdit

As Gandharva's rampage began, Yuta hid in the woods outside the Earth Temple, curled up in fear and thinking everyone was going to die. Claude tried to lure him out of hiding by suggesting Leez could die; this seemed to change his fear to determination that Leez cannot die by anyone else's hand. After Agni left behind a calmed-down Gandharva, Claude asked Yuta if he could see if "our" side was winning, but Yuta was still racked with indecision over which side to join.

Chapter 22: The One Standing Before MeEdit

It wasn't until Leez and Maruna's battle that Yuta finally jumped in to stop them from killing each other. As Leez recovered from her loss of vigor, Yuta reunited with his elder brother, who insisted that they should return to the sura realm together. Yuta argued that it would be better if they stayed apart because of the power of names, but Maruna refused to listen to his brother's pleas. At this time, Kasak finally arrived through the Crescent Gate, realizing that he should have killed Yuta back in Mistyshore.
2-074 3rd stage

Yuta's 3rd stage human form

Leez recovered and protectively jumped in front of Yuta, prompting Maruna to attempt to kill Leez (again) with his transcendental skill, which Yuta then nullified. Maruna was at first confused about the situation, then angry and disappointed with his brother for trying to protect the human trying to kill him. Determined to force Yuta back to the sura realm, he transformed into his sura form. Yuta realized that between these two people he cared for, it was Leez who was alway selflessly looking out for him, and so he finally made his choice and transformed to his third stage.
2-75 Yuta Sura Form

Yuta's 3rd stage sura form

Since he would be fighting Maruna, he had to transform into his new sura form as well, all the while worrying that Leez would now hate him. Strangely to Yuta, Maruna expressed doubt that he was his brother; he was, however, impressed with his strength for a sura who was still relatively young. Yuta continued to allow Maruna to attack him, and even to eat his eyes to cease his transcendental-blocking skill, in hopes that he was buying time for Leez to escape. As Maruna prepared another transcendental attack to knock out Yuta, the Sword of Re flew by his head, barely missing him. Leez was determined to stand by her friend, and her acceptance of him as a Sura astonished Yuta. Maruna attacked Yuta with his transcendental skill yet again, while Yuta lamented that Leez really should have run away for her own sake. Not only did the attack fail to disable Yuta, but his eyes regenerated quickly as well, surprising Maruna since Garuda have slow regeneration.. Maruna quickly left for other business, promising he'd be back again for his brother. Leez climbed out of Yuta's mouth, where he had been protecting her from the last attack, before he reverted to human form.
2-77 How do I look to you Leez

"How do I look to you, Leez?"

On their walk back to Kalibloom, they had an awkward conversation during which he realized he's not the good guy she thinks he is, and he can't help her with her objective of killing his brother. As the sura prepared to retreat from the city, Yuta (in writing) advised Leez to meet up with Asha at the Magicians Guild, while he had business at the temple. There, he attacked several of Sagara's crew, including partially eating Pingara, and revealed that he can still nullify a transcendental of someone he can't see. He questioned Sagara about his brother's involvement with the Anantas, but before he could get answers, Kasak suddenly appeared, in a threatening pose. Yuta asked if he remembered him, as he was the one who borrowed his earrings, but Kasak's response was to attack him. He dodged and escaped in flight.

Chapter 23: The Good/The LineEdit

Yuta spent the next several days flying around the city to avoid Kasak, who continued to hunt him, as he waited for Leez to reappear. When she joined Parr to meet up with the search party for Teo Rakan, Yuta took the opportunity to quickly snatch her and hold her in a tight embrace, including binding her wrists with his scarf, all the while saying (in Sura speech) how much he missed her and how he'd almost gone crazy waiting for her.

Chapter 24: TabooEdit

Chapter 25: That Which Cannot be Grasped or Held/Out of ReachEdit

Chapter 26: OutsiderEdit

2-101 Yuta

(1) Leez dreams about hearing bystanders talk about using her to keep Yuta around before she wakes up. Leez then pretends to everyone that she has no memory of what happened between her and Yuta. During a meeting at the Kalibloom Magic Guild, Claude is relieved that she cannot remember, in case Yuta returns and she avoids him. Lutz criticizes Claude for not predicting Yuta's departure, but Claude is confident that he will eventually return.

Yuta arrives near Rindhallow and finds Maruna.

(2) After Leez overhears some gossip from some women mocking her, she squeezes Yuta's scarf, which is wrapped around her wrists. Halfway around the world, Yuta feels a momentary sensation that quickly passes. Maruna tells him that he will reveal the reason why the siblings need to reunite if Yuta helps locate Kalavinka and finds a way to open a portal to the sura realm. Yuta replies that it may be difficult, but it would be better than having Maruna continue to collaborate with the snakes. Maruna asks if he is no longer protecting humans, and Yuta replies that he is only stepping back for now. Yuta asks if he will be accepted into the Garuda clan. Maruna momentarily recalls someone telling him that his brother was a monster interwoven with lies, but then he replies that of course they will, which makes Yuta happy. Maruna then points to a pillar of light in the distance and explains that another portal was opened to bring in additional help, especially since Gandharva disappeared. Yuta has no idea who is being called, and Maruna thinks to himself that Yuta would not know because he no longer remembers certain things.

2-104 brothers near the gate

(4) After Maruna tells Yuta about the abuses he suffered in order to develop to 4th stage, Yuta expresses dismay, but Maruna says that is not the point. He is disturbed that Yuta never denied the things Maruna said earlier about him hiding his real name, or seemed surprised that he was threatened with death if Maruna failed to develop in time. Does his little brother know nothing, and is everything about him a lie?

(5) In a flashback, Yuta is upset at Taraka for killing his friend, and insists that his name has always been Jatayu.

Yuta claims that he never meant to be deceitful, and his love for his family was alrways real, as he still does not directly answer Maruna's earlier questions. He says he is only beginning to remember things he earlier wanted to forget, and says he is a bad person who should not be around anymore.
2-105 scary Yuta
He suddenly ears a voice saying he should just kill himself. Yuta is shocked and asks Maruna if he just said something, but Maruna says no. Yuta says that he thinks someone is listening in on them and is now running away, and at first Maruna refuses to believe it, then finds it odd that Yuta does not know in which direction the eavesdropper is running. Maruna finally hears something and catches an Ananta sura, which becomes angry at Maruna for stopping him before he could report them to Sagara and mentally insults him. Yuta chastises the sura for saying that about his brother, but Maruna tells him he never heard the sura speak, confusing Yuta. The sura tries to appeal to Maruna and talk his way out of his situation, but Yuta hears him wonder how he was caught while using Hiding and wanting the "hybrid bastard" to shut up. Maruna almost considers letting him go, until Yuta suggests that he eat him instead. Maruna gives the go-ahead, and Yuta tells him that he would have been much better off being eaten by Maruna, because this "hybrid bastard" has a disturbing way of eating his prey.

Chapter 27: Last Resort/Last StandEdit

2-109 Yuta in the snow

(3) Yuta lies on the snowy ground, wondering which conversations he had listened in on were spoken and which were only thoughts, then thinks about how much he misses Leez. Maruna approaches him and asks if he is done eating, and remarks that his development has not changed his habit of eating his prey live. Yuta mentions that his hunger is even worse now. Maruna reveals that Akasha asked him to return with both Yuta and Kalavinka to the sura realm in order to revive their father, Garuda, who collapsed when the realms were separated because the Power of the Name remained in the human realm. Yuta says that he wished he told him about it sooner, and promises to find their sister and open a portal to the sura realm. Yuta says that he just needs some time, but Maruna tells him that there is not much time left since someone is arriving from the sura realm soon who will not likely show Yuta any mercy.

2-110 Leez and Yuta

(4) Leez explains to Asha that she practiced bhavati kubera by repeatedly jumping off a cliff. In a flashback, Yuta at first cushions her fall. Yuta has a hard time seeing her get hurt, but his eyes turn blue-green and he reads Leez's mind, realizing that she would hate it if he kept preventing her from dying. After her first death, once she wakes up and thanks Yuta for staying put, he grabs her hands, tears streaming down his face. When Leez explains to him why it is important for her to learn how to fly (still thinking that Yuta was unable to fly on his own), he nods at her, and she leaves to jump again. When Leez, after many failures, finally succeeds in stopping her fall for a brief moment, Yuta shows her a note of congratulations and forces himself to smile at her.

(5) When Leez gives Ran the Neutral Bow, she mentions that the name of Ran's good friend, Rao Leez, appeared on the bow when Yuta drew it,[11][12] so he should have it.

2-112 mother-son reunion of sorts

(6) Just before Leez's departure on the transport ship to Aeroplateau, the Hide of Bondage, still worn by Lutz, suddenly grows tentacles which reach out and grab Yuta's scarf, worn around Leez's neck. Asha yells at Leez to just leave the scarf, and Leez mentally apologizes to Yuta after throwing it off.

Chapter 28: Flight/EmergencyEdit

2-113 Samphati and Yuta

(1) Somewhere near Rindhallow, as Yuta waits for Maruna to return, he recalls asking his brother if he will continue to work with the snakes, and Maruna replies that he must, in case Yuta's plan to locate Kalavinka fails. Yuta also worries about Leez's reaction to him taking the Sword of Return from her so he can open a gate to the sura realm. He realizes that his situation is complicated, and once he recalls Agni's unprecedented approval of his entry into Kalibloom, he decides to leave for Atera to talk to the god. His departure is stopped by Samphati, who appears behind him.

2-114 Let go

(2) Yuta wonders who the pretty sura is but is unable to use insight on her. Maruna suddenly appears and yells at her to stop, and as soon as Yuta hears the name Samphati she charges towards him. He quickly flies back as she stomps her foot, causing part of the mountain below to collapse. Yuta realizes that she was suppressing her strength and wonders why. He decides to escape, and uses a teleportation transcendental, disappearing in a red blur. Maruna is astonished that his brother had a hidden skill. Samphati points out that since Yuta's development, he has hardly any Garuda clan traits left, and Maruna would have recognized that skill if he had ever fought Taraka. She then asks him if he has any idea where his brother went.

As Ran, holding Yuta's scarf, and Lutz travel with a group through a desert on their way from Kalibloom to Eloth, Yuta suddenly appears and hugs Ran from behind. Everyone is shocked, and Ran asks Yuta to let go of him.

2-116 celebrities

(4) As Yuta and Ran walk through the streets of Eloth, the latter complains that Yuta was not willing to use his sura form so he could carry the rest of the travelers, who are still in the desert. After Ran buys him new clothes after some bystanders criticize Yuta's lack of fashion sense, they stop to eat at a restaurant. Ran wonders why Yuta is sticking by his side, then explains that Leez has no memory of "the incident" and hopes they work things out. They hear a commotion outside the restaurant, so they leave and run into Saha and Tilda, who are looking for Ran to tell him that he is now officially an AA-ranked magician, and already has a job to do.

(5) As Yuta follows behind Ran, he finds himself fighting off the urge to devour Tilda, even though he recently ate. He decides to be careful. He also notices that Ran's half phobia is not triggering around Tilda. While Ran is inside the Human Search System, Yuta wonders why his insight is not working the way he wants as he tries to figure out Saha's plans.

2-118 Tilda explains it all

(6) Tilda explains to Ran that individuals named Kubera have been dying off in large numbers, including 29 that are known to have been killed by Asha. When Saha says that the killings are still continuing, and that the easiest Kubera to find is the one on the transport ship from Kalibloom to Aeroplateau who has no ID and is under a sponsorship, Yuta suddenly vanishes, leaving his new jacket behind.

2-118 Yuta in flight near Eloth

As Yuta flies in the vicinity of Eloth, he wants to take sura form but is unable to as it would reveal his location to Samphati. He decides to use his teleportation transcendental even though it would be harder on him.

(7) Yuta teleports to the location he spotted on the search system's screen and quickly locates Leez, who lies unconscious on the ground next to God Kubera in child form. Yuta is upset with the god because he expected him to protect Leez in his place. Kubera tells him to shut up and listen, and explains how she fell and that Kubera magic is unusable in this area, including her self-regeneration, and he barely got there in time to save her.
2-119 he really does care
Yuta thinks that Asha may have tried to kill her because he left her, making her useless, but Kubera tells him that would not be Asha's reason since she knows he would avenge Leez. Yuta denies that he would retaliate for a corpse that no longer has value to him, but Kubera sees an insight of Yuta gently carrying Leez's body, and asks Yuta if he really believes that. Kubera then asks if he ever wondered why Agni gave him his approval to enter Kalibloom, and Yuta replies that he has. Kubera tells him to keep wondering, then tells him to return Leez to the transport ship.
2-119 Yuta and Leez
Yuta protests, but the god assures him that Asha will not hurt her again since she will understand the meaning of Leez's return. After Yuta wraps Leez in his scarf, he notices that the god does not look well, and asks if there is anything else he needs to tell him.

As Yuta catches up with the transport ship, he thinks that Kubera's parting words were pathetic. He is suddenly stopped by an unseen force that does not seem to be a normal barrier. He decides not to break through it and risk hurting Leez, so he teleports to the transport ship, looking exhausted after he reappears.

2-120 wishful thinking

(8) Yuta breaks a hole into the side of the transport ship with his tail and takes the still-unconscious Leez inside, gently placing her on the floor and putting his scarf under her head as a pillow. He wants to stay with her and imagines them happy together, but suddenly feels hunger and hits himself in frustration. He decides that he needs to hunt, and apologizes to Leez for leaving.

Chapter 30: Falling PetalsEdit

(1) Somewhere near Rindhallow, Samphati reports to Sagara that she found Yuta but did not attempt to kill him. Samphati is not worried that Yuta is in his 3rd stage, and intends to exact her revenge carefully so that she can savor watching him die slowly and painfully.

Chapter 31: Your Justice and MineEdit

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Chapter 32: LoserEdit

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Chapter 34: What RemainsEdit

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Season 3Edit

Chapter 35: ReturnEdit

3-001 Yuta tells Leez to leave
Yuta only appears in flashback, somewhere in the sura realm. Leez recalls his earlier words to kill them quickly before they open their eyes or else she will die. He had also warned her to be careful when using the Sword's transcendentals, because the more power she draws from it, the heavier her debt becomes. Thirdly, she should never forget that the thing they want is to bring down her name. When Kasak tells Leez that Yuta stayed behind for her sake since he has reached his limit, she recalls the last time she was with him; he is bleeding black blood from his eyes, and his mouth and arms are bound. He tells her that he does not and will not love her anymore, and wants her to leave without guilt before he bites off that tongue of hers that only speaks words of pity to him. Kasak and Leez then pass through the gate, leaving him behind.


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